Support Helpline

The Listening and Support Cell of the Faculty of Medicine in Monastir is chaired by Prof. Ag Badii AMAMOU and consists of eight members (specialists in psychiatry/child psychiatry) who take turns receiving students:

Prof. Ag Badii AMAMOU (Psychiatrist) Prof. Ag Ahmed MHALLA (Psychiatrist) Prof. Ag Rym BEN SOUSSIA (Psychiatrist) Dr. Bochra BEN MOHAMED (Psychiatrist) Dr. Walid BOUALI (Psychiatrist) Dr. Sabria KHOUAJA (Psychiatrist) Dr. Amjed BEN HAOUALA (Psychiatrist) Dr. Hela BEN ABID (Child Psychiatrist)


Appointments can be made anonymously by simply sending a request to the email address “” or through the Facebook page

Each member is responsible for assisting students seeking help, support, or guidance during their allocated period (usually one week).

The task of the member is to contact the student and schedule an appointment in a dedicated (neutral) office space, located above the library.

2020/2021 2021/2022 2022/2023
Male Female Male Female Male female
13 45 31 71 3 15
Total 58 102 18


In addition to these individual interviews, the members of the Faculty of Medicine’s Listening and Support Cell also conduct group activities: four workshops on stress, conflict, and emotions management, as well as counseling and support workshops during exam revision periods in collaboration with various student associations of the faculty, each academic year.