Centers of Expertise

The Centers of Excellence: Since 2017, the decanal teams have chosen to invest in these Centers of Excellence, which also distinguish themselves by their uniqueness in our country:

  • The ``Biomechanics Center``

    brings together various disciplines and utilizes technological concepts to address the needs of emerging and specific diseases in our region and country, such as Musculoskeletal Disorders (MSDs).

  • The ``Vigilance and Sleep Center``

    which aims to be a reference center in this field and to address the needs for the exploration of various pathologies and the assessment of safety task performance in the workplace, as well as the optimization of productivity.

  • The ``Mobile Unit for Clinical and Environmental Investigation`` center

    which aims to address the challenges posed by the changes affecting our society and environments, and to provide a direct and tangible connection to the regional and societal environment.

  • The center of excellence ``Computing and Artificial Intelligence``

    The center of excellence “Computing and Artificial Intelligence” is dedicated to artificial intelligence and aims to facilitate networking and collaborations, as well as the development of advanced telemedicine and the enhancement of digital contributions. It also aims to improve the quality of care and life for our citizens.