The Faculty of Medicine of Monastir is based on universal values that inspire respect for human dignity, human rights, and solidarity.

The Faculty of Medicine of Monastir shares the universal values of universities, including excellence, independence, humanity, the promotion of critical thinking, and the openness of society. This charter is seen as a moral commitment that involves all stakeholders in the healthcare system (teachers, learners, administration, and healthcare service users).

The application of the following ethical principles is the individual responsibility of each participant in the FMM.

The Faculty commits to:

Scientific Integrity

The Faculty is committed to promoting and respecting the fundamental rights of individuals in healthcare and research practices. The Faculty is committed to combating all violations of scientific integrity.

Ethical and Deontological Training for Responsible Conduct

Mandatory ethics and deontology courses are reinforced within the Faculty at the undergraduate and continuing professional development levels to cover the aspects of this Charter.

Transparency and Disclosure of Conflicts of Interest

The Faculty is committed to making the conflicts of interest of its governance members and committees accessible.

Teachers must disclose their conflicts of interest to students before delivering their teachings. Teachers must demonstrate neutrality towards the company or institution with which they have a relationship.


Education must be free from personal, administrative, economic, religious, or political constraints.


Equity aims to ensure equal opportunities for all individuals in training, without discrimination outside of predetermined academic criteria. Students in initial training and all professionals in continuing education have the right to equitable access to learning resources, respecting the established objectives and optimizing the resources provided by the institution.


Students demonstrate a sense of responsibility through their personal involvement in their education and the acquisition of skills and knowledge.

Students should also take care of the teaching resources made available to them.

The FMM is committed to ensuring the safety of its students, teachers, and staff. The FMM is committed to adapting its institutional programs to the needs of society and priority regions, and to promoting the community by improving public health.


The FMM must ensure that all individuals under its responsibility adhere to standards of professionalism, professional secrecy, and collaborative spirit of operation, within a climate of mutual respect.