Dean's message.

Dear colleagues, dear students,

I have the honor of recently assuming the leadership of our prestigious institution, the Faculty of Medicine in Monastir.

Our faculty has gained considerable recognition thanks to its innovative and high-quality pedagogical training, well-structured family medicine curriculum, and a state-of-the-art simulation center that we take great pride in. Moreover, we hold an excellent ranking among Tunisian faculties (2nd in the choice of orientation after the baccalaureate and 2nd in the residency entrance exam).

Our challenge for the next three years is to embark on a quality approach by developing clinical research, optimizing our reform based on integrated system learning, gradually implementing small group teaching, and promoting full-time internships. Our ultimate goal is to obtain accreditation for our faculty.

Furthermore, our major concern will remain the student, to whom we aim to provide quality education while fostering their culture, innovation capacity, and sense of belonging through the creation of a student life committee.

My thoughts, thanks, and encouragement also go to the administrative staff who often work behind the scenes and facilitate our tasks, allowing us to focus on our heavy academic responsibilities.

Dear colleagues, dear students, in order to write remarkable pages in the history of our institution, I need all your skills, as history cannot be written by a single person… I am fully convinced that this writing process will not be without difficulties… It is up to you to overcome complex communication problems, differences of opinion, and respond to my call to unite in finding solutions, always hand in hand, to elevate our faculty to a high level of excellence, fulfillment, and recognition.

Pr Charfeddine AMRI

Dean of the Faculty of Medicine in Monastir.